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Repairing BMW Hybrids after an accident

BMW hybrydowe po wypadku

Before or after purchasing a hybrid vehicle, especially after an accident, there are several steps you should take. Firstly, you need to find a suitable auto repair shop that specializes in hybrid vehicle repairs and conduct a thorough analysis of the entire vehicle. The most important information you need to obtain is the post-accident condition and potential repair costs.

Generation V IX3 – Generating EOS Security Code (Online)

EOS Security Code

EOS Security Code: Innovative Generation V IX3 With the development of electric vehicle technology by HybrydyElektryki, the company is introducing a new generation of V IX3 vehicles equipped with unique security solutions. One of the key elements of this revolution is the online generation of EOS (Electric Over-the-air Security) security codes. Let’s take a closer […]

Remote Technical Assistance for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles of Every Brand

Remote Technical Assistance

In today’s world, an increasing number of drivers are opting for hybrid and electric cars due to their environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency. However, these advanced vehicles also require specialized care and maintenance. Fortunately, HybrydyElektryki offers remote technical assistance for hybrid and electric vehicles of every brand, providing owners with peace of mind and professional […]

Repairs of all hybrid and electric BMWs online

BMW Repair Online

BMW Online Repair: A New Dimension in Car Service In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the automotive industry is no exception. More and more drivers are transitioning to hybrid and electric cars, with BMW being one of the most recognizable manufacturers in this category. Owners of these luxury vehicles value not only elegance and performance […]

Charger and discharger for HV batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles

Charging and discharging high voltage batteries If we work with electric and hybrid vehicles the HV battery charger and discharger is a key piece of equipment for such a workshop. Charging and then discharging the cell or the entire battery pack allows us to determine the condition of the battery, its capacity. However, this is […]

Battery Test – Battery Analyzer BA6010 from BK Precision

Electric and hybrid car battery test – Battery Analyzer BA6010 from BK Precision Battery testing The heart of every electric and hybrid vehicle is its battery. Its efficiency, capacity or internal resistance define the correct operation of vehicles with this type of drive, and most importantly the range of such vehicle and the safety of […]

IMIB HV 2023 – successor to the EoS tester (81315A94550)

IMIB HV 2023 – successor to the EoS tester (81315A94550) Visit our hybrid and electric car forum What is the IMIB HV device? IMIB HV is an electronic diagnostic device for testing high-voltage components. – the successor to the EoS tester. IMIB HV, which stands for Integrated Measurement Interface Box High Voltage, is necessary for […]

Welcome to the HybridElectric Forum!

HybridElectric Forum

In the fast-evolving world of electric and hybrid vehicles, staying informed and engaged is vital. That’s where HybridElectricForum comes into play! This newly created online platform is dedicated to bringing together users, enthusiasts, mechanics, and electricians passionate about electric and hybrid cars, fostering a supportive and collaborative community. We’ve put together an electric car forum with hybid car forum to create something for everyone.

Removing AdBlue – Renault SID321

Removing AdBlue

Have you ever heard of removing AdBlue from a car? It’s a controversial practice that raises a lot of emotions among drivers and environmentalists. What does it involve, and what consequences can it have for your vehicle? Find out more in our latest post!

BMW Battery Tester

tester baterii BMW

In the case of an accident, in all BMW hybrid cars, the high-voltage battery is blocked for safety
reasons. The same interlock is imposed when transporting the vehicle.