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Repair of Electric Cars and HV Hybrid Car Battery Regeneration

Repair of Hybrid and Electric Cars


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In recent years hybrid cars have been winning the hearts of Poles. All because such vehicles have a lot of advantages. They are characterized by reliability, exceptional fuel economy and excellent performance. In addition, more and more models of hybrid cars are appearing on the market, so they are suited to the pockets of everyone. However, how to deal with the situation when a hybrid car breaks down?

Despite everyone’s believe, hybrid cars too should visit an auto repair shop. These types of vehicles are extremely popular due to their trouble-free nature. However, they too can occasionally break down. Most important thing to remember is that we have a huge influence on the condition of our vehicle.

Electric cars as well as hybrid cars most often go in for repair as a result of traffic collisions. Other causes of damage in these types of vehicles are mostly owner’s negligence and lack of regular service. Therefore, if we drive carefully and do not forget to periodically inspect the car, we can be sure that it will rarely break down.

In hybrid car most common failures occur in:

  • Battery
  • HV battery
  • The cooling system

Knowledge of the service is the key!

So there is no denying that proper servicing of hybrid cars will help you avoid huge repair costs. Unfortunately, many owners of this type of vehicle still have huge deficiencies in this area. However, it is worth to fill this knowledge as soon as possible to guarantee the trouble-free operation of our vehicle.

Many people mistakenly think that hybrid cars can only be serviced at ASO (Authorized Service Station), which is a service center that provides repair and maintenance services for vehicles of a particular car brand. Until just a  few years ago there were few other workshops that performed this type of service. However, the situation is now changing! So, you don’t need to only visit ASO before the warranty expires. In fact, hybrid cars can be serviced at any time in independent workshops authorized to service hybrid cars. However, this choice is usually made after the warranty period has expired. So it is worth realizing that, according to the law, we can also use their services during the warranty period. All this is in accordance with the assumptions of the EU GVO directive.

At such independent services a comprehensive service also can be performed. All because before they are allowed to work with hybrid cars, they must pass a thorough inspection. For workshops dealing with hybrid cars, the right equipment is required. A service at the right level guarantees investment in knowledge, training and proper diagnostic tools. This will enable it to function in this complex market. It is worth remembering that the service and repair of hybrid cars is much more complicated than the one for traditional vehicles Even the repairs of simple car body defects, caused by traffic incidents, are different from standard repairs of combustion engine vehicles. Therefore, they require expertise and specialized equipment.

When the battery in a hybrid or electric car breaks down, most mechanics and also many dealerships immediately offer to replace it with a new HV battery without informing the car owner about any other options. In most cases, replacing a hybrid battery involves astronomical costs and is the least cost-effective solution for the owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle. Our auto repair shop is engaged in the regeneration of hybrid vehicle batteries in cars of the BMW brand, Volvo brand and many others.

In our service we start with a full diagnostic of the car, all its components, systems and of course the battery. In this way, we can consider all options and inform our customer of all options available to them, such as repair, hybrid car battery regeneration or replacement with a new battery. Often, replacing a failing hybrid battery with a new one is the least cost-effective option for the customer, and by regeneration of HV batteries we can significantly reduce the cost of repair and help the customer save thousands! When it comes to hybrid car battery regeneration, our customers have two main options: they can either visit us at our workshop in Warsaw, where our auto-electro mechanics will dismantle the faulty battery, perform the regeneration and reinstall the already fully operational and working hybrid car battery on site, or everything can be done by shipping, which allows us to perform the regeneration for customers all over Poland, as well as abroad.

We diagnose and repair a full range of automotive systems and components, including hybrid driveline, steering angle sensors, zero-axle angle software, tire pressure control system, HV hybrid batteries and many more.

tester baterii BMW

BMW Battery Tester

In the case of an accident, in all BMW hybrid cars, the high-voltage battery is blocked for safety
reasons. The same interlock is imposed

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