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Electrical machine electronics (EME) module regeneration in hybrid BMW cars.

Regeneracja ( EME )
The mechanics and electricians in the Hybrydy Elektryki car shop completed every possible BMW apprenticeship and course. The Hybrydy Elektryki’s employees are pros at fixing all components in hybrid cars. It is possible to regenerate HV batteries or EME components. In addition to our employee’s complex knowledge we have all diagnostic devices and programs dedicated to BMW cars. Our car shop has the best hybrid and electric cars repairing equipment in Poland and in Eastern Europe.

All hybrid BMW cars’ repairs are made in the workshop in Warsaw but it is possible to send broken components to the car shop. The shipping address you will find below. It is possible under one condition: the component can’t be disassembled. Please contact our office first on the phone number below.

ul. Piastoska 19
02-495 Warszawa, POLAND
NIP: PL 1133026200
+48 505 202 017; +48 511 671 050

Electronical Machine Elektronic
Regeneracja ( EME )
Regeneracja ( EME )
  • First of all, replacing an EME module with a new one is expensive. Cost of such component in Poland is 30.000-40.000 PLN (an equivalent of 6.400-8.500 EUR)
  • There is additional price for service – about 4.000-5.000 PLN (an equivalent of 850-1050 EUR)
  • There is some sort of blockade on EME components. It means that you can’t put in a pre-owned EME component from another car. 
  • An EME component renovation’s cost in our car shop is about 4.000 up to 10.000 PLN (an equivalent of 850-3.150 EUR)
  • Repairing things instead of throwing them away and buying brand new ones is more eco-friendly.

Electrical machine electronics (EME)

How does it work?

The electrical machine electronics (EME) is used as control electronics for the electrical machine and the high-voltage starter motor generator. Booting of the high-voltage electrical system occurs via the interaction of the electrical machine electronics (EME) and the battery management electronics (SME). The electrical machine electronics (EME) system is the master and the battery management electronics (SME) a slave. The two control units communicate via the K-CAN5.

The DC/DC converter also integrated into the electrical machine electronics guarantees the voltage supply of the 12 V vehicle electrical system.

Functional description

The electrical machine electronics also has the task of converting the DC voltage of the high-voltage battery unit (up to approx.355 V) into a three-phase AC voltage for operation of the electrical machine. Conversely, if the electrical machine is to operate as a generator, the electrical machine electronics converts the three-phase AC voltage of the electrical machine into a DC voltage and can thus charge the high-voltage battery unit. This occurs, for example, during brake energy regeneration (energy recovery).

A bidirectional DC/AC converter which can function as an inverter and a rectifier is required for both these operating modes.

Parts of an EME component in BMW hybrids:

  • Vehicle electrical system connection, 58-pin plug connection – High-voltage connection (DC), 4-pin plug connection
  • High-voltage connection (AC), 3-pin plug connection – Degassing unit
  • High-voltage connection (DC), 2-pin plug connection
  • Stator – Permanent magnet
  • Rotor – Hollow shaft with outer basket of separation clutch
  • Hollow shaft – Electric machine
  • Decoupler – Additional torsional vibration damper
  • Temperature sensor – Stator of the rotor position sensor
  •  Rotor of the rotor position sensor – eight‐pin plug connection

Structure and inner electrical connection

There are 3 high-voltage connections on the electrical machine electronics for contacting the lines to other high-voltage components.

Diagnosis instructions

Failure of the component

If communication with the electrical machine electronics fails, run the standard checks (global testing procedure). If there is an

internal control unit fault, the following behavior is to be expected:

  • Fault code entry in the electrical machine electronics (EME)
  • Not charging the battery 12 V.

What can I do with an EME module failure?

Tell us about the situation and about the symptoms of an error.

Call our car shop to discuss the further details with very well qualified mechanics and electricians. They will show you every possible option and you will choose the best variant for you and your car. 

During the visit in our car shop we will do the full screen of your car and find other failures eventually. We fix our client’s cars as quickly as possible. You can also get some hints about safe and effective car exploitation. It will help you to avoid future problems with your BMW car. 

ul. Piastoska 19
02-495 Warszawa, POLAND
NIP: PL 1133026200
+48 505 202 017; +48 511 671 050

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