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Battery Test – Battery Analyzer BA6010 from BK Precision

Electric and hybrid car battery test - Battery Analyzer BA6010 from BK Precision

electric and hybrid car battery test

Battery testing

The heart of every electric and hybrid vehicle is its battery. Its efficiency, capacity or internal resistance define the correct operation of vehicles with this type of drive, and most importantly the range of such vehicle and the safety of its operation. The proper condition of the battery also affects the cost of use.  Therefore, a key role in the diagnosis of such a vehicle is played by the battery test of electric and hybrid cars.

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Why testing a High Voltage Battery (HV Battery) is so important?

  • Condition and Performance Evaluation – Battery testing allows you to assess the condition of the battery, primarily capacity and overall performance. This allows you to determine how efficient the battery is, whether it needs replacement or repair.
  • Safety – Batteries are a high-voltage and high-energy source, especially in electric vehicles. Testing can detect potential safety issues, such as leaks or short circuits, which can put the driver and passengers at risk.
  • Optimizing Lifespan – Regular electric and hybrid battery test allows monitoring of battery life. Optimal management of battery charge and discharge can significantly extend battery life. Here, a key aspect is to check that the battery is balanced – each cell has the same voltage. An unbalanced battery can lead to faster battery degradation or, in the worst cases, thermal runaway.
  • Used Batteries – In today’s world, many batteries from electric and hybrid vehicles are reused where a high capacity-to-weight ratio is not a priority, such as in energy storage systems for solar panels. Testing used batteries is crucial to determine their potential and possible limitations, and thus give such a battery a second life.

Battery Analyzer from BK Precision BA6010

BK Precision is recognized as a leader when it comes to devices for testing, charging or discharging batteries. First of all, these devices are based on the latest technologies and solutions. The best example of this is precisely the BA6010 battery tester, which is distinguished by its precision, which in the context of testing high-voltage batteries is very crucial. This allows you to analyze with great accuracy the condition of a particular cell or a whole pack of cells. The entire electric and hybrid car battery test can be fully performed with this single device.

How does it work?

The BA6010 tester measures internal voltage and resistance with high accuracy and resolution. In addition, the device will allow us to read such parameters as inductance, impedance, quality factor, reactance and phase angle. The series is suitable for lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries and lithium-ion batteries, which are of most interest to us because of their use in electric and hybrid vehicles.


The BA6010 model has a voltage range up to 60V so it is ideal for testing single cells or smaller packs or individual pack modules. Also available is the BA6011 model, which supports voltage measurement of battery packs up to 300V. Electric and hybrid battery test can be performed by each of these devices.

A detailed description of the parameters of this device can be found in the product description in our store

What is BK Precision Battery Tester used for?

In our workshop, this device is used to test the batteries of electric and hybrid cars. One of the parameters that help us determine what condition the battery is in is the internal resistance. Thanks to the tester, which shoots electrical pulses at a given frequency, we are able to determine the degree of its wear and tear with an accuracy of +/- 10%.

The advantage of this test is its short duration. Another way to determine battery wear would be to fully charge and then discharge the entire battery pack. Because of the need to use low discharge/charge currents, this test takes a great deal of time, which we are not always able to devote.

When is it a good idea to perform an internal resistance test?

This is an ideal way for electric and hybrid car battery test when buying a used pack, or to select a module for the whole pack due to the need to replace its parts. The selection of appropriate modules or cells is based on the knowledge of such parameters as internal resistance.

The test of electric and hybrid car batteries, in addition to assessing the condition of the battery, allows inspection of the package for its safety. It allows to detect potential problems such as leaks, short circuits or punctures.

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With electromobility on the rise, diagnostic technologies such as the BK Precision Model BA6010 battery tester are becoming indispensable tools for garages that strive to provide the highest quality diagnostics and safety in the field of electric or hybrid cars.

The BK Precision BA6010 device is now available at our online store In the product description you will find a detailed description of the device. If you have any questions, we can help you. Contact us via email or give us a call.

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