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Bateria hybrydowa w samochodzie marki Volvo

Regeneration of a hybrid battery in a BMW car. Our main garage is located on Czapelska Street 24a in Grochów in Warsaw – Praga Południe district. Due to the great interest in our services and the increased number of customers needing help with the replacement, repair and regeneration of hybrid and electric batteries, we opened our second vulcanization service point, auto elektrica on Grochowska Street. Hybrid battery in a Volvo car. When the battery in a hybrid or electric car breaks down, most mechanics and many showrooms immediately offer to replace it with a new HV battery without informing the car owner of any other option. In most cases, replacing a hybrid battery comes at astronomical costs and is the least cost-effective option for the owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle.

In our service we start with a complete diagnosis of the car, all its components, systems and batteries. In this way, we can consider all options and inform our customer of all options available to him or her, such as repair, regeneration of the hybrid battery or replacement with a new battery. Often, replacing a failing hybrid battery with a new one is the least cost-effective option for the customer and by regenerating the HV battery we can significantly reduce the repair costs and help the customer save thousands of dollars! When it comes to hybrid battery regeneration, our customers have two main options: they can either visit us at our workshop in Warsaw, where our auto-electro mechanics will remove the faulty battery, remanufacture and reinstall the fully functional hybrid battery on site, or everything can be done by mail order, which allows us to remanufacture hybrid batteries for customers throughout Poland and abroad.

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