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Training HybridsElectrics

We are experts in running online and stationary trainings with workshops during the training and innovative solutions in the automotive field, as well as we specialize in technical support and implement the new idea of creating a network of interdependent workshops that will themselves drive and implement our innovative information exchange project.

Important Information about training

The trainings take place in our training facility located at ul. Nadarzyńska 15, 05-555 Przypki, Rancho pod Stork.

Do you want to take part in the training? Fill out the application form and wait for our reply. After passing the verification process and paying for the training, you will have the opportunity to join a narrow group of specialists of HybrydyElektryka.

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Team, Electric Hybrids!

You've hit the perfect spot! is a state-of-the-art company engaged in the introduction of technical innovations, new solutions in the field of repair and diagnostics and training for the whole of Europe.
Our workshop is equipped with modern and specialized repair equipment.

Training program

Our trainings cover hybrid and electric powertrains. The training lasts two days – on the first day theory is taught, while on the second day practical knowledge is presented. In order to start the training, you must have SEP electrical permissions up to 1kV. You can do them yourself or do them with us before the training. The cost of obtaining a SEP certificate and permissions up to 1kV is from 360 to 500 PLN depending on the number of applicants, it is possible to do them online. These permissions are valid for 5 years.

The training programme covers such topics as:

Safety rules when working with electric and hybrid vehicles with special regard to high voltage system components
Hybrid system concept
Overview of the most important components of electric and hybrid vehicles such as cooling system, traction battery, inverter, ECU
Overview of battery technology and related parameters, including charging/discharging
Battery Testing
Insulation resistance measurements
Pass through
Post-accident procedures with discussion of examples


Cost of training: 6 000 PLN + fee for SEP entitlements

The trainings are held at "Rancho under the Stork" in Przypki

GET a subsidy for the training!

Benefit from funding for our trainings thanks to the National Training Fund. The National Training Fund (KFS) is
the Labour Offices programme, which forms part of the Labour Fund, intended to co-finance continuing education of employees and employers, undertaken at the initiative or with the consent of the employer. First of all, it enables the development of competences and skills of our employees, which translates into improvement of the quality of their work. Thanks to the funding of training by KFS, we reduce the costs associated with investing in the development of our staff, which can have a positive impact on the company’s budget. In order to benefit from KFS funding, appropriate applications must be submitted within the appropriate deadline of the call. These deadlines are set by the employment offices in a given district.

We help in filling out applications for funding. The process of applying to the National Training Fund can be complex and require a thorough understanding of the procedures and requirements. Our company has experience in this field and we are ready to support you in every step of the application. Our team will help you fill out the necessary documentation, ensuring that all required information is included and correctly submitted.

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