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About us

Are you looking for the right electrician? You've hit the perfect spot!

We are specialists in the repair of hybrid and electric cars – we have more than 7 years of experience in this field,
as well as a workshop equipped with modern and appropriate equipment to operate modern cars.
As a few of us, we work on professional equipment and diagnostic software, the same as every service of a given car brand
using Pass Thru communication.
We have qualified and trained staff who are able to rise to the task.
We are one of the independent workshops specializing in this type of repair and diagnostics of hybrid cars.
We work on original and new parts as well as replacement parts. Of course, we install remanufactured parts on request.

We cordially invite individual customers as well as company car fleets to cooperate.

Operating for many years in Grochów, Warsaw, we have gained the trust of clients from many districts of Warsaw, as well as clients from many other cities.
We focus on full professionalism and honest approach to the client.